Past Grand Lodge Officers

In addition to our esteemed Past Masters, a number of Knob Creek brethren have served in Grand Lodge offices. These offices include District Deputy Grand Master, District Education Officer, and District Masonic Relations Officer.

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Our History - The Past Masters

In the long history of Knob Creek Lodge #401, we have counted among our Brothers numerous esteemed members of the community from every walk of life. Every year, a member of the lodge is elected to serve as Worshipful Master in the year ahead. In the tradition of Freemasonry, the appelation "Worshipful" is used, not because the Master is worthy of worship, but as a sign of respect, similar to the use of "Your Honor" or "Honorable" when addressing a judge in courts today.

This is a common source of confusion to non-Masons, and the answer is simple; worshipful and worship diverged in meaning about 700 years ago. Worshipful is defined as the condition of being worthy, honor, renown whereas worship is reverence paid to a supernatural or divine being. After serving their Lodge for a term as Worshipful Master, a Mason is forever recognized as a Past Master. Below is the complete listing of all Past Masters of Knob Creek Lodge #401.

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